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The Question of Love

A colorful burst of leaves twirled and danced in the air like a red and yellow storm cloud as they blew from the Ranger Tree and drifted to the ground to join their fallen comrades. On the branches above, a stocky mouse leaned against the rodent-sized push broom he’d been using and wiped his forehead.

“Does it botha’ anyone else here that fall cleanin’ is harder work than spring cleaning?” Monterrey Jack complained.

“These leaves have to go somewhere, Monty,” Chip said as he diligently swept a pile off the Ranger Wing’s landing pad, over the side of the tree.

A high-pitched whirring came from behind the Ranger Wing, attracting Monty, Zipper and Chip’s attention. There was Gadget, utilizing a makeshift leaf blower she'd put together from the fan of a hairdryer and an old vacuum hose. The wind from the machine blew the leaves from the landing pad without Gadget having to do any serious physical labor.

Chip and Monty went back about their duties. It might have been surprising if it were anyone else besides Gadget, but they knew the girl was a genius.

On the other side of the Ranger’s porch, a pink bat eyed a pile of fallen leaves, closed her eyes and smiled. She beat her wings with enough force to lift her off her feet, using the air currents they made to push the leaves over the side of the porch.

Chip exhaled, expelling a cloud of visible breath that wisped about the chilly air only a second before fading away. He saw Gadget in front of him, Monty and Zipper to his right, and Foxglove approaching from the other side of the tree. But where was Dale?

“Foxglove,” Chip said, “have you seen Dale?”

“I haven’t,” Foxglove answered with a shake of her head.

“Wasn’t he with you, lass?” Monty lumbered over to the others, not with particular interest where Dale was, but to get a few moments to catch his breath.

“He told me he went inside to get a cup of hot chocolate.“

Looking over her shoulder at the others, Gadget smiled and shut off her leaf blower, then walked over to join them. “Oh, sorry, I couldn’t hear anything over my new invention. What’s going on?”

“Gadget, do you know where Dale went?” Chip asked.

“Nope,” Gadget put her finger on her chin. “Wait, come to think of it…scratch that. I haven‘t seen him for at least ten minutes.”

“I’ll go look for him,” Foxglove said. She beat her wings and made a graceful circle around the tree. No sign of Dale. Hovering, Foxglove thought to herself, if you were Dale, where would you be? A dozen yards below, the leaves the Rangers had been removing from their home began to make several colorful piles of red, brown and yellow on the ground.

The pink bat did several corkscrews in midair as she descended towards the ground. Knowing Dale, he’d probably be playing in the leaves like a grade-school kid.

“Dale?” Foxglove shouted with her wing cupped over her mouth. “Where’d you go, Cute Stuff? We could use your help!”

Foxglove overlooked the cherry tomato nose poking from under a nearby pile of leaves, and the steam it released into the cold November air. Dale could hardly believe his luck. Not only did he have Foxglove right where he wanted her, she was distracted. He sprung, scattering leaves everywhere. In his excitement, he'd forgotten how sensitive a bat's ears were, putting no thought into the fact Foxy's ears would easily pick up the sound of the rustling leaves. She twisted around, saw Dale pounce, caught him with her wings and twisted, setting him down on his back.

Foxglove giggled. Now she was propped on top of Dale, and had him where she wanted him. “Gotcha.”

Dale looked up into Foxglove‘s beautiful blue eyes, for a moment becoming entranced by them. “Aw, shucks. How’d you know I was there?”

“You should be a little quieter next time.”

Foxglove’s pretty face, those amazing blue eyes, the soft and gentle tone in her voice; there wasn’t anything about the bat that didn’t make Dale’s heart pound. He trembled for a few seconds as Foxglove leaned in for a kiss. The bat was sweet, kind, funny and beautiful and he really liked her, but was he ready for this? Dale rolled to the side before her lips could touch.

Opening her eyes just inches away from kissing the grass, Foxglove sighed. After all this time, Dale was still nervous. Would he ever open up to her?

“Hey, Foxy,” Dale’s voice called out to snap Foxglove back to reality. “I’ll race you to that tree over there!” Dale pointed to a thin cottonwood tree several yards ahead. On the outside, he might have seemed unaffected by Foxglove's near-kiss, but inwardly he was still jittery as he stalked his true feelings for the bat.

“Okay,” Foxglove answered, still on her wings and knees.

“See ya!” Without waiting for Foxglove to get ready, Dale started off for the tree, but Foxglove wrapped a wing around his ankle before he could take another step, causing him to fall flat on his face.

“Not so fast!” Foxglove said as she picked herself up off the ground.

Only a second ago Dale was sure he was going to win. Now he found himself face-first in the grass as Foxy ran ahead of him. He looked up and laughed. The bat had a good lead, but he could still catch up if he ran fast enough. Dale leaped to his feet, then broke into a dead sprint on all fours after Foxglove.

Foxy’s sensitive ears picked up a rustling sound from behind her. It was Dale, closing in fast. Giggling, she beat her wings and flew towards the tree much faster than she could run.

By the time Dale reached the other tree, Foxglove was already there waiting for him with her wings folded across her chest. “So, how’s it feel to lose to a girl?”

“Nuts,” Dale said as he slapped his thigh. Panting, he turned his back towards Foxy and faced the Ranger Tree again. What did such a beautiful girl see in a clumsy goof like him?

Foxglove’s face drooped into a disconcerted gape. How could Dale just turn his back to her like that? “Dale, I was only kid-”

“Race you back!” Dale said as he ran across the dead leaves towards the Ranger Tree, once again not bothering to wait for Foxy.

With another giggle, Foxglove flew after the sprinting chipmunk, but it was no use. He’d already had a commanding lead on her. Dale reached the tree seconds before Foxglove did.

“What were you saying back there about losing?” Dale asked, “I couldn’t hear you with the wind in my ears!”

Foxglove took a few seconds to catch her breath, gave a sly grin and pushed Dale down onto his back. Panting, she dropped down on her back beside him. Aside from their laughing, both were silent as they laid against the cold leaves, looking up at the romantic array of colors on the tree above. After a few moments, the laughing ebbed away, until a wayward leaf landed right on Dale’s face. Foxglove giggled again as Dale peeled it off and flicked it onto the ground.

Looking over at Foxy, it was Dale’s turn to laugh as another leaf drifted right into Foxy’s open mouth. She spit it out, and Dale kept laughing. No, he didn't just really like her. It was more than that.

“What are they doing down there?” Chip asked as he watched the scene unfold. “They should be up here helping us!” Gadget, however, paid no mind to the duo and switched her blower on again.

“Take it easy, lad," Monty said. "Let ‘em have their little moment.”

“Foxy?” Dale asked. His heart thumped almost painfully at what he was prepared to admit to her. The others could probably hear his heart all the way up in the tree!

“Yes, Dale?”

“I, um…never mind.” Dale couldn't bring himself to say it. Foxglove could do much better than a dope like him.

Foxglove rolled to her side so she could look Dale in the eyes, and put the tip of her wing gently on his paw. “It’s okay, Dale. You can tell me anything.”

Dale turned his head to look at Foxglove. “Anything?”

“A-NY-THING,” Foxglove assured him, watching his chest puff up.

“I…I love you, Foxy.”

The words seemed to make Foxglove’s eyes light up. A huge smile spread across her face. “You do?”

“Yup. More than comic books, chocolate and pranking Chip all put together.”

Foxglove laid on her side, gaping at Dale, her own heart pounding. Was she hearing things right? Was she dreaming? After working for Winifred, did she deserve such a great, funny, handsome guy? Foxglove drew a deep breath, and it came out shaky. “Dale…I don’t know what to say…”

“Well, do ya love me back?”

Foxy stared at Dale in silence for a few seconds before grabbing him by the collar of his coat to pull him close and plant a long kiss right on his lips. Trembling, fur tingling, Dale's eyes flew wide open in shock, but Foxy had hers shut tight in bliss. Dale closed his eyes to savor the moment. The kiss was pleasingly warm in contrast to the cold air. Her lips were soft and sweet. Kissing a bat wasn’t as bad as he’d thought it would be. In fact, he liked it. A lot.

“Would ya look at that?” Monty asked from his vantage point. “I knew that was comin'! That’s my little go-getter! Dale, ya sly devil!”

Their lips parted with a smack. Foxglove stared Dale right in the eyes again, rubbing his cheek with her wing. Dale could almost see her love for him sparkling in her big blue eyes, accented by her happy tears trying to escape. “Oh yeah. I love you more than anything in the world, Dale. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Dale shivered. Never, even when he was risking his life fighting crime had he ever felt his heart pound so hard, even as Foxglove snuggled in close to him for warmth. This could be the start of the most amazing thing ever in his life.
Abel wins: A talking pony? Hmmm... sorry, I still prefer dogs.
Rainbow Dash Wins: Whew, good thing I was too fast for you. If you'd grabbed me I woulda been done for!

Adon wins: Fly around all you want, little pony! You can't escape the jaws of a jaguar!
Rainbow Dash wins: You sure like to brag, like me! Except you can't back any of it up.

Akuma wins: What a disgusting creature! You were not even worth soiling my fists!
Rainbow Dash wins: Woah, that Satsui-whatever stuff sure is nasty! I should tell Celestia about you.

Balrog: I'm gonna make a lotta cash caging you up and charging people to come see a talking pony! Gahahahaaa!
Rainbow Dash wins: You sure throw some dirty punches. It was almost lights out for me!

Bison wins: I have no use for such a weak specimen. Might as well dispose of you.
Rainbow Dash wins: It sure didn't take long to wipe that stupid grin off your face, did it? Only bad guys smile like that!

Blanka wins: Huh? Since when do ponies talk? And fly?!
Rainbow Dash wins: This might sound weird coming from a talking pony, but what are you?!

C. Viper: Ok, that's it, I need a vacation. I'm clearly losing my mind here.
Rainbow Dash: Woah, that's some neat-o tech! Twilight'd have a field day with you.

Cammy wins: Sorry, you're cute but I can't take you home with me. My cats might get jealous.
Rainbow Dash wins: Your kicks sure smart! I'd better be more careful.

Chun-Li wins: A... talking pony? Hoo boy, I guess when you're a police officer you see it all...
Rainbow Dash wins: Those were some NASTY kicks! You almost kick as hard as Applejack!

Cody wins: This ain't Halloween, pal. Take off the costume. Wait, you're real?!
Rainbow Dash wins: C'mon, don't be so gloomy, bud. We all have off days.

Dan wins: Hey, that's a nifty costume! Wanna be the mascot for my dojo?
Rainbow Dash wins: Dude, are you for real? Fluttershy could take you on!

Dee Jay wins: That's one funky get up, mon!
Rainbow Dash wins: Ha! You were so busy dancing around, you never saw me coming!

Dhalsim wins: The wonders of this world never cease to amaze me.
Rainbow Dash wins: How do you and Pinkie Pie stretch like that?! You two must be made of rubber or somethin'.

Dudley wins: You made for quite the interesting opponent, miss! Thank you for sparring with me.
Rainbow Dash wins: You remind me of my friend Rarity. I'll bet you two would get along great!

E. Honda wins: Sorry. It would be a disgrace to sumo if I lost to you.
Rainbow Dash wins: Too fast for ya, fat boy?

El Fuerte wins: What kind of wrestling costume is that? Que? It's not just an outift!
Rainbow Dash wins: Sorry. We ponies don't eat meat.

Fei Long wins: Hoo boy, now I feel bad. Like I just kicked a puppy...
Rainbow Dash wins: I don't get it. Why do screech like a bird when you attack?

Gen wins: What is this nonesense?!
Rainbow Dash wins: Just about what I expected from an old geezer like you!

Gouken wins: A talking pony, hmmmm? I suppose I've seen stranger things.
Rainbow Dash wins: Woah, you're strong for an old guy! I'll be more respectful of my elders from now on.

Guile wins: Whatever you are, this isn't the place for you. Leave it to the professionals before you get hurt.
Rainbow Dash wins: Nice moves, but you gotta do something about that hair. It's totally creeping me out.

Guy wins: Your speed is admirable, but I'm afraid I can't take you seriously.
Rainbow Dash wins: You got some quick feet, pal! Maybe in about ten years you'll be able to keep up with me!

Hakan wins: I could use a pony like you to haul around my oil barrels!
Rainbow Dash wins: Dude, you could REALLY use a bath!

Ibuki wins: Ooooh, you're so cuuuuute <3!
Rainbow Dash wins: Wait, aren't ninjas supposed to be all sneaky and stuff, 'cause I could see you coming from a mile away!

Juri wins: That's what you get for wastin' my time!
Rainbow Dash wins: That's what you get! I won't be so nice next time I catch you actin' all evil!

Ken wins: Maybe I've taken too many blows to the head. I coulda sworn I just heard that pony talk...
Rainbow Dash wins: How do you set your limbs on fire without burning them?

Makoto wins: Hey, pony, wanna help me rebuild my dojo? I'll give you some carrots.
Rainbow Dash wins: Ouch! You're no ordinary kid, are you? You remind me of Scootaloo.

Rose wins: Fascinating. The cards didn't foretell seeing such a creature here.
Rainbow Dash wins: Ok, tell me what kind of awesomeness I have in my future!

Rufus wins: Since when do ponies talk, anyway? I mean, I've heard them talk on cartoons and stuff but never in real life! Speaking of cartoons, one of my favorites is...
Rainbow Dash wins: Shut up, already! Sheesh, you're worse than Pinkie Pie.

Ryu wins: You have my gratitude. You're one of the most unique opponents I've ever faced.
Rainbow Dash wins: This guy doesn't mess around! Thought I was done for!

Sagat wins: A creature like you is a disgrace to the fight. Get out of my face!
Rainbow Dash wins: Wow! I could tell you were strong, but I didn't think you'd be THAT strong!

Sakura wins: A real-life talking pony! You're so cute! Wanna be my pet?
Rainbow Dash wins: Sorry, kid. This pony is no one's pet!

Seth wins: Unexpected. You might have a move or two I'd find useful.
Rainbow Dash wins: Bad guys like you always wind up getting their flanks kicked in the end.

T. Hawk wins: The spirits have blessed us with a wonderful creature here...
Rainbow Dash wins: You're a million years too slow for me, bird boy!

Vega wins: What a beautiful creature you are. It'll almost feel bad to skin you...
Rainbow Dash wins: You'd be a lot more attractive if you cut back on all the creepiness.

Zangief wins: Such a light frame is so easy to throw!
Rainbow Dash wins: Woah, steroid city! If this guy had caught me I'd have been finished!
A lone unicorn stallion named Thunder trudged through Ponyville's main road as he sighed through his nostrils, head lowered in shame and doubt. Sadness gleamed in his blue eyes as he pondered to himself various possibilities for his situation; the situation that had tormented him ever since he was a teenager. Although he was 30 years old, he could hardly consider himself a stallion… more of a colt, really. Thunder was a good bit shorter and sleeker than the average stallion, and he certainly lacked the average stallion's confidence, toughness and physical ability. A lack of mental tenacity had always marked him as a very shy, sensitive and emotional individual as well. Perhaps it was this combination of things that had resulted in his situation: at 30 years old, he had NEVER had a special somepony. No mare outside his family had ever loved him.

He DID have a few talents. A single lightning bolt for a cutie mark, which he gained from his ability to conjure electricity into his horn after watching a thunderstorm in fascination one spring afternoon. He was allegedly a skilled writer as well, but this never helped him get over his loneliness.

Out of the corner of his eye, Thunder spied a teenage couple kissing right out in the open for everypony to see. The stallion of the couple was, of course, was a tall, suave looking specimen wearing that same confident smirk Thunder'd seen so many times, while the mare was a pretty little thing wearing what he guessed was at least five pounds of makeup.

Thunder shook his head and growled, but didn't bother to quicken his moping pace. He didn't really have anywhere to go, he simply felt the need to wander about in hopes that the fresh air would help to clear his head and relieve him of his worries. Giggling filled the air above as a blue pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail fled from a well-built pegasus stallion with bushy eyebrows and a mane stuffed stiff with gel. He, too, wore the smug smirk of a typically ladies' man as he and the rainbow mare continued their little game of chase.

An annoyed burst of air shot from Thunder's nostrils as he continued about his walk, by now reaching Ponyville's town square where the fountain stood. Nervousness swelled within his gut as he spied a lone unicorn mare staring into the water. Her coat was a shade of light blue and her plain straight mane was light brown. Perhaps not a perfect beauty, but still a cute girl who just happened to be alone. Perhaps this was Thunder's chance.

What should he say? What he do? He'd heard so many rules about what to say and what NOT to say, as well as what to do and what NOT to do when talking to a mare for the first time if you wanted to make a good impression. Don't back away too much, that would show shyness and thus, a lack of confidence. A stallion also didn't want to be too forward and aggressive.

With a deep breath of courage, Thunder approached. No sooner had he done this than another mare walked up to the one he had his eyes on. This mare had a pink coat and a blond mane.

"Hey, lover girl!" the pink mare said with a wide smile. "How was your date with Turbo?"

The blue-coated mare squirmed and blushed under her friend's words like a schoolgirl with an obsessive crush. "It was great! He's so nice and sweet, and sexy! Slap me, because this is too good to be true!"

Both mares squealed in delight and reared up on their hind hooves to embrace each other. Thunder stomped a forehoof and continued on his way.

Wasn't there ANYWHERE he could go to get away from all this lovey-doveyness? Rub it in my face a little more, why don't you? Thunder grumbled to himself.

Another mare walked down the road in Thunder's opposite direction. She had a long pink mane separated into two locks and a yellow coat. Her cutie mark came in the form of three pink butterflies. Another cute mare, but probably way too good for him. Nonetheless, Thunder smiled at her as their paths crossed and gave a silent nod of acknowledgement. The mare smiled back for a second, then wilted under the attention and ran off with a nervous squeak.

Thunder wilted as well, on the verge of tears. Was he so repulsive that females had to RUN from him for smiling at them? Once he reached the outskirts of town where he was certain he could be alone, Thunder sat down on his haunches. His walk had only made him feel WORSE. He should have just stayed at home where he wouldn't have to be reminded why he wasn't good enough for anypony. Just as he was prepared to give up and let the tears flow, a smiling pink Earth pony with a matching puffy tail and mane bounced down the road. Upon seeing the lonely unicorn, she stopped her hopping and stood in front of him.

"Whatcha doin'?"

"Not a whole lot," Thunder mumbled.

"How can you look so sad on a day like this? It's Hearts and Hooves Day!" The pink mare stood on
her hind legs and spread her forelegs wide, as if she wanted to hug the day itself.

"Exactly," Thunder grumbled.

Pinkie dropped back down to all fours. Her smile was now missing. "Oh no. You don't have a special somepony, do you?"

"Nope. I'm not the kind of guy who gets dates."

"Awww. Why not?"

Another couple consisting of a handsome, taller stallion and an average sized mare walked down the road to Pinkie's back.

"That's why," Thunder answered, pointing a hoof at the passing couple. "I'm not tall or handsome or suave or confident or anything that a stallion is supposed to be."

"Aw, come on, life's not just about love, silly unicorn! It's about having super-duper fantastic fun with the time you have and making others smile, smile, smile! That's what keeps me goin'!"

"Fun, huh?" Thunder scoffed. "It's not always easy to have fun when you're always doing what you like to do… alone. Never having anyone to share it with, nopony who thinks you're worth enough to hold and kiss and give your heart to."

"Well, what do you like about yourself?" a second voice called. Thunder looked to his right to see a wide-banged violet unicorn mare had joined the pink mare.

"I don't know the answer to that anymore. I used to like the fact that I'm nice and respectful, but then I see guys who are just total jerks and girls go gaga over them. It makes me feel like I've done something wrong in the scope of the dating world. I'm 30 years old and I've never had a date."

"Ouch," the purple unicorn said. "Yeah, this is a tough day to be alone, I know that much. You need to love yourself, though, before anypony else can love you."

Thunder only moaned. He'd heard that one before. How do you love yourself when you're constantly surrounded by something so universal as love and dating, yet haven't been good enough for it? He could have started dating ten years ago, but noooooo. Instead, he'd just been sitting on the sidelines watching everypony else dating and falling in love, even getting married before they were even close to his age.

"Have you tried anything to fix your being alone?" The purple unicorn spoke up once again in light of the sudden silence.

"Yes, I have."

"Like what?" Pinkie asked.

"Let's see… dating sites, fan groups, coworkers, volunteer work, church, prayer. Nothing has worked."

"Sorry to hear that," Twilight Sparkle replied. She looked over her shoulder, back towards Ponyville. "Listen, I'm sorry, but my friends and I are having an H&H Day party, so we both really need to get going."

"Wanna come?" Pinkie asked with a big smile.

"Hearts and Hooves Day party?" Thunder shook his head. "No thanks. The last thing I need right now is to be at a party surrounded by ponies who AREN'T single."

"Okey-dokey!" Pinkie shouted. She followed her violet friend back towards the village of ponies.

"Good luck!" Twilight called over her shoulder.

Yeah, right. I'll need it Thunder thought to himself. Once the two mares were gone, he walked farther away from Ponyville and into a thick blanket of trees where he wouldn't have to watch everypony else in love.
I seem to have lost my passion for writing, for the moment anyway. I genuinely want to keep at it and keep improving, but there are some when I look at their work, it makes me feel like I could never be that good. That, and there's an overall lack of feedback on most of my writing. Ugh... I hate writer's block... and my inferiority complex.


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